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One of the most major ailment that has an effect on Argentine black and white tegus is a metabolic bone sickness. This is certainly the result of a lack of UVB lights. It's distressing for your animal and may result in weakened bones.

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Lights and Heating Argentine black and white tegus are diurnal (Lively during the day), so they want exposure to entire spectrum UVA, and UVB lighting just like the Sunlight supplies.

Now we have captive born and bred Argentine Black and white tegus for sale at unbeatably reduced costs. This species is known for turning into quite tame in captivity, and attaining a size of practically four feet.

Description: The Argentinian tegu can attain an adult sizing of 4 toes or maybe for a longer time (including the tail). They've a reasonably distinct red floor coloration with white and black dots and stripes in excess of the whole entire body.

Predation by feral tegus may possibly pose a threat to Florida's endangered wildlife, such as the Critical Largo woodrat plus the American crocodile.[26] Due to their fruit consuming routines, tegus may serve a very important ecological operate by dispersing seeds through their droppings.[27] Taxonomy and evolution[edit]

[20] Tegus can be also be present in captivity, exactly where They are really bred to the pet trade. They may be claimed to get highly clever, turning into docile because they experienced and sometimes even disregarding food in favor of social interaction.[21] Nonetheless, tegus have demanding husbandry demands because of their huge measurement.[22]

Getting this substantial h2o dish will also assist you to realize The best sixty to eighty p.c relative humidity in your tegu's surroundings (a hygrometer can help you monitor the humidity degree). Misting the enclosure with h2o will even assist in keeping the natural environment how your tegu likes it.

Widespread Health conditions  Calcium and phosphorous deficiencies are widespread in tegus, and like other reptiles, They are liable to parasitic bacterial infections, which tend to be only detected during a fecal Test.

Inside their indigenous vary, tegus tend to be considered pests, occasionally raiding rooster coops to feed over the eggs or fowl.[23] They may be observed predators of floor nesting chicken[24] and crocodilian eggs, and in some locations eighty% of spectacled caiman nests are wrecked by tegus.[twenty five] In South Florida, they have grown to be an invasive species, and prey about the eggs of yank alligators as an alternative.

Don't just will you can get superior quality Tegu, however, you can always return and check with us for recommendations or inquiries. We would like you to definitely love your lizard and provides it the absolute best care. 

Argentine black and white tegus love soaking when they aren't burrowing so be sure you give a large shallow water dish that may healthy your pet's complete human body. Deliver fresh water commonly, particularly when your tegu defecates in its water.

Argentine Tegu Shedding: These lizards will get rid of their pores and skin throughout their lives. You may see that the colours of your Tegu will dull At the beginning with the shedding approach plus the skin will start to peel absent in parts.

Deciding upon Your Argentine Black and White Tegu These hardy lizards could become tame Animals if managed effectively. But if you're determining on one particular, There are many factors to Be get more info careful for. This is unquestionably a pet you wish to get from a respected breeder.

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